Trump And Tulsa’S Rally

The war between the American president Trump and the social network world does not mention going back, indeed. After the skirmishes of the last few weeks that they had seen Trump attack Twitter for reporting some of his posts misleading, now the President seems to cash in a heavy defeat from TikTok.

Digital boycott? According to the New York Times and other media, the failure of the event would be due to a digital mobilization of teenagers and democratic militants, who would have arranged on TikTok to book all available seats for the event Tulsa, with the idea

In fact, as the New York daily newspaper highlights, numerous guides on how to book a seat at the Republican convention have appeared on Tik Tok in the weeks before the event, providing false data and non-existent phone numbers.

But it seems that these bookings, which were numerous, have not actually taken the place away from anyone: in fact, the number of places bookable online was unlimited and the organizers would have let in the first 20,000 booked that you So if a larger number of viewers had actually appeared, they could have easily accessed the building. Why didn’t it happen?

Covid beats Trump. According to many American press outlets, the rally was actually “boycotted” by fear for Covid, which continues to spread very rapidly in the United States. In the state of Oklahoma alone, over 10,000 out of 4 million inhabitants would be infected.

The Trump electoral committee would have decided to organise the meeting against the opinion of the health authorities and without considering the respect of the rules of social distancing and preventive measures: but all this is consistent with the statements of the President who considers the coronavirus less dangerous than

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