The Right Hand Gal – The First Necklace Meghan and Harry Wore

We have fallen in love with many parts of the Harry andMeghan fairytale, from the secret relationship to the wedding proposal over a roast chicken. One of our favourite parts of the fairytale was when one photo broke their relationship open to the press.

The necklace that was around her neck was the most exciting thing we saw when she went out in Toronto to pick up some flowers. That had to be Harry andMeghan. The gold necklace was the smoking gun that they were indeed a couple, and it was leaked.

We wanted to learn more about the company, their story and the necklace, so we spoke to the Herlich’s about it. Right Hand Gal is based in Canada. The Right Hand Gal may seem to be just another fun jewelry initial necklace line, but there is more than meets the eye.

Randi and Shawna are great advocators of women’s empowerment, a core value of the brand, and every piece created tells a unique story meant to inspire. The idea is to show that women can be unstoppable with passion, authenticity and confidence. Modern day heirlooms can be mixed and matched, and are also a great way to add a touch of trend to your collection. Many famous fans wear their jewelry.

And the brand name itself? The brand of theGals is:

The misters have the left hand, but the sisters have the right. Why wait for a man to be dazzling when you could be doing the same?

The Right Hand Gal jewelry company was commissioned to create a mini initial necklace with the initials M & H, and Jessica Mulroney went to a boutique that the friends often shop at to order one of the necklaces. The girls at the shop were confused about who the order was named after and knew that Jessica placed it. Right Hand Gal took the photo of the necklace before it was delivered.

We asked Randi and Shawna what they thought about the necklace that was worn by someone else.

One might say that The Right Hand Gal is connected to Royalty forevermore, and that this signature necklace is the only necklace in the entire world.

That will live on one of the first few pages of this incredible and evolving royal fairy-tale. A great legacy and story to be told about a Canadian jewelry company.

The necklace was yellow gold with two initials added.

The necklace can be ordered from the Gals. We love how this shone a spotlight on a Canadian retailer that shares the same values as the one that was involved in the scandal. We were following the style of the person we were following. The other items were worn by the woman in December of 2016

The Right Hand Gal released a new necklace just in time for the Royal wedding. The crown is the same size as the initials and can be offered with or without a diamond. You can place an order here.

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