The Move Of A Villa To Bellinzona

The images above testify how you can walk a villa of 1,450 tons of weight. Villa Carmine is located in the centre of Bellinzona (Switzerland) and was moved about 9 meters from the place where it was built 110 years ago.

To prepare the shift workers worked for about 3 months. Before it was dug under the villa and just under the foundations were placed post of the metal putrelle that were used as “binaries” to slide the building. A series of hydraulic jacks then pushed the villa, under which metal elements were placed. In 90 minutes, Villa Carmine was moved 8.80 meters and rotated 5 degrees.

The company was carried out without causing any shock, expected but not desirable in order not to compromise the structure of the house. To keep this aspect under control, a glass of full wine was placed on the tracks to the edge. The operation took place without a single drop.

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Initially, the villa had to be demolished to make room for some buildings and an underground garage; in the end, however, it was opted for the rescue of the house built at the beginning of the…900 and its “movement.” Cost of intervention: about 630 thousand euros.

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