The Ebike Made In Italy, With The Pin To Be The Proof Of Theft

Stop, get off your bike and leave it there on the stand. You go into the supermarket, you go shopping, and the bike is still there. Even if you didn’t tie her up. Even if it is a bike that costs 5,000 euros!

You’re not in an ideal country without bicycle thieves. It is the bike that is a bit special: it is called Neox, it is produced at Recoaro Terme and it is the only one in the world to have a pin activation code, like the sim of the cell phone.

No pin, the bike turns empty, like a car in crowds: if you steal it and you don’t know the pin, you will pedal empty. This is how it works, explained in this video we shot during a road test.

How Neox works (1:05)

Why is Neox so expensive? Because that of the security system is not the only innovation of this 100% Italian ebike, which could try in preview. It has a robotic gearbox (covered by international patent) that allows you to ‘blindare’the chain inside a special ‘forcellona, like that of some way from top of the range

Result? The rear wheel is placed and removed with a click, like the front one, without getting dirty hands. And it is impossible that the chain

After that, it works like a normal bike. But it recharges with a power supply as big (and light) as a notebook, in 4 and a half hours. All this, for a operating cost of 35 cents of euros per 100 km.

The detail of the monoarm containing the electric motor, the transmission gear and the fixed chain. The rear wheel unplugs with a click. © Neox

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Photogallery 8 e-bikes to keep an eye on Pininfarina Fuoriserie

The fine-palate e-bike. The retro style catapults you in the ’30s, but the substance is highly futuristic, see ultra-performing LED lighting or Connect the plug system to recharge your smartphone with the dynamo.

Advantages: The miniature electric motor, hidden in the rear hub, feeds while pedals or you go downhill.

Disadvantages: The circulation is very limited (30 specimens) and the cost prohibitive.

Price: 9 thousand euro Foto: © Pininfarina Copenhagen Wheel

Here’s a technology to turn any bicycle into an e-bike. Developed with the support of the MIT, it is mounted instead of the rear wheel, but inside it has an electric motor of 350 watts, with a 48 volt lithium battery, which recharges in 4 hours.

Advantages: Copenhagen Wheel has a series of sensors that store your driving style, making sure that the energy is delivered intelligently (for example by taking power out when you are downhill).

Disadvantages: For someone, failate could be a limit.

Price: Pre-order costs $949 (short shipping 2015) Foto: © Superpedestria Bmw Cruise Bike

The German electrician has a solid and muscular trim, supported by a snapming Bosch 250 W engine and a lithium-ion battery with a range of 100 km.

Advantages: There are four levels of assistance (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), manageable thanks to a practical on-board computer, which also provides many other useful information.

Disadvantages: The massive structure is also its greatest limit, because it does not make it very comfortable for the city, nor for the moments when the charge ends.

Price: 899 euro Foto: ©: Bmw Adv SunCycle

Electric and solar: daughter of the American company Nts Works, it is equipped with a small but efficient 60 W photovoltaic module, which provides power to a 250 W engine.

Advantages: Charging is at zero cost. To completely saturate the lithium-ion battery, you need to keep your bike under the sun for 8 hours.

Disadvantages: The weight hangs a little too much on the front wheel and overall the SunCycle is not feather (31 kg). The range is also quite limited: maximum 40 km with a charge.

Price: 3900 dollars Foto: © NTS Works S+ARCKBIKE with Moustache

Designed by French designer Philippe Starck for the Moustache Bikes cycling company, this e-bike combines a spotlessly luxurious concept with some cutting-edge technology solutions ( Bosch engine, Schwalbe tyres, brakes and Shi gearbox)

Advantages: There are 4 models, each designed for a different terrain (asphalt, sand, mud and snow). The top speed of Asphalt is 45 km/h, a real splinter.

Disadvantages: Starck has also created a series of original accessories, in some cases too kitsch. See the fake fur that in the Snow model covers the battery. And as for the cost…

Price: from 7 thousand euro Foto: © Moustache Bikes Leaos Solar E-Bike

Produced by Bolzano Leaos, Solar is unique, combining high technology and high aesthetic standards: the photovoltaic film that captures the sun rays and converts them into energy is in fact integrated into the elegant carbon monocoque

Advantages: It is energy-efficient, but if the sun is not enough you can switch to the charge from traditional energy sources. Two models: one 25 km/h and the other 45 km/h.

Disadvantages: The assisted pedaling has a range of 30 km, a bit under-media.

Price: from 7890 euro Foto: © Leaos Adv Storm Electric Bike

350 watt motor, maximum speed of 32 km/h: with a charging you can do up to 80 km without pedaling. The frame is made of steel, but the weight does not exceed 25 kg.

Advantages: High-end performance, low-end cost. The wheels are fatbike, so it also goes on sand or snow.

Disadvantages: The record time of charging (90 minutes, compared to an average of 4-5 hours) has caused the nose to twist a bit. On February 15th there will be the first public demonstration and suspects may be escaped.

Price: $599 (sold out), then about $1300 Foto: © Storm Electric Bike Hy Cycle

Exiting the laboratories of New South Wales University in Sidney, it is a prototype of an assisted pedal bicycle that goes on hydrogen. The battery hidden in the underseat is powered by a fuel cell, where the air oxygen reacts with hydrogen producing electricity (and water as waste).

Advantages: The innovative storage method allows you to store hydrogen in a 2.5 kg mini-tank. With a $2 full, you’re up to $125 km at an average speed of 20 km/h.

Disadvantages: Hydrogen is not easy to find and needs a system to store more in a secure way.

Price: Not yet for sale In Depth Tecno-prodotto The Ferrari of e-bikes Curiosities Travel with CartDesk Motors Dodge Viper SRT 2013 Innovation China: the mega bus on the roads Science The most (

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