The Dragon Robot That Changes Shape In Flight

It is called DRAGON, not only because of its similarity with mythological creatures, but also because of the result of a very complicated acronym: Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGre It was created by a group of engineers from the University of Tokyo, who have equipped it with a “superpower”: it can change shape while suspended in flight, adapting appearance and conformation to the available space.

Designed to move through the narrowest cracks, engaged in rescue missions, in a future and more advanced version could look for survivors among the remains of a collapsed building, even removing debris that prevent the passage to rescue teams.

Where the others don’t get there. The robot-dragon was born to respond to a difficulty of the robots “from inside”: that of moving between obstacles without necessarily having to be too small (and therefore tending to be not powerful), but without having to be closed in protective shell, which would hinder

Although DRAGON is currently only in flight for 3 minutes, it is both agile and powerful: each of its 4 modules, connected by hinged joints, is operated by two thrusters. The whole is managed by a central “brain” with integrated perceptive system: a processor with camera and motion sensors Intel Euclid, which “sees” the characteristics of the surrounding environment and adapts the shape of the robot accordingly.

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