The Best Wine Coolers

They Don’t Last Forever

Inexpensive units tend to last a few years, with most of them having a one-year warranty. If you have a good collection of wines best immersion blenders, you should invest in a quality unit that will last longer, but remember that these are more expensive.

Style Is Also Important

You should look for stylish wine coolers to complement your space since it is going to be another appliance. There are many sizes, finishes and modern displays of the Coolers.

What is the Best Cooler for You?

A single zone cooler is perfect if you prefer red over white or white over red. If you like both types, a dual-zone model is ideal.

A compressor model is the best way to keep this cooler in a warm room. In cooler and stable conditions, tyoelectric models work better.

The manual is needed to properly store your cooler. The back of most coolers has a front exhaust. The models need to be placed in a way that will allow them to breathe.

You can read their full review on

Great Thermoelectric or Compressor Wine Refrigerator Choices

Wine fridges can be either compressor or thermoelectric. Which is the top? Depending on your needs. The following points are used to pick which works for you.

The best wine coolers have less noise than other units. They are limited by technology. There are no moving parts for the Peltier effect that transfers heat from inside to outside. It means less wear and tear. They are easier on the environment and weigh less than compressor units but require more clearance to operate. They are unsuitable for areas with extremely hot temperatures.

The Koldfront’s 24-bottle freestanding dual-zone model is the best wine cooler. The 18 and 32 bottle version of Koldfront’s wine cooler is among the best freestanding wine coolers on the market. A good choice for small spaces is the 12-bottle countertop thermoelectric model, which has an efficient touchscreen that adjusts the temperature without opening the door, and an advanced cooling system. The New Air 32-bottle version is available in a cool black exterior and has a storage capacity of between 46 and 66 F.

The best compressor wine coolers will keep your wine at a cooler temperature than the thermoelectric units. They operate well in small spaces and can handle large tasks with ease. They areavier and noisier than thermoelectric, so they tend to last longer but cost less to operate.

Some studies give the nod to the compressor while others favor the thermoelectric model. The size of the fridge, the number of bottles in the fridge, the bottle temperature before chilling, and the ambient air temperature all have an effect on how long it takes to chill a bottle.

Single vs. Dual Zone Cooling

A dual-zone model makes sense if you only drink red or white wine. It is possible to advantage by placing reds closer to the fan, where it is warmer, and placing whites closer to the cooler.

The ideal storage temperature is 55 to 59 F. Wine Enthusiast’s cooler has a door that blacks out the white wine section to prevent it from being damaged by the sun. EdgeStar has a 32-bottle unit that has dual zones side by side with separate doors. For a small 12-bottle fridge, Haier’s black beauty with curved smoked glass doors makes the most of its small size.

Allavina’s Cascina fridge is one of the best for single-zone cooling. The unit is compact and has space at the bottom to hold larger bottles.

The AKDY 58-bottle freestanding single zone wine cooler has a temperature range from 40 to 66 F and is easy to adjust. Do you want a fridge that will fit on a countertop? MagicChef makes a fridge that gets great reviews.

“Freestanding” or “Free-Standing,” These Wine Fridges Perform

It can cost a lot to build a custom, built in cellars. If you want to build a cellar, there are lots of resources that can complete the job. Wine Cellar Innovations has an interactive design plan that lets you preview different looks. If you’re not quite ready to carve out a cave, these freestanding models offer the best wine storage for your premium wines.

The Kalamera 73-bottle dual zone wine cooler is designed with advanced cooling tech that reduces noise and vibration, as well as a design that provides even flow for more accurate temperature control.

The Allavino Flexcount 56-bottle dual-zone fridge is an indispensable choice because of its smooth glide shelving, powerful, energy-saving, cutting-edge technology, and front vent.

If you’re looking for the best freestanding wine cellars for smaller spaces, NutriChef has a 12-bottle countertop fridge.

The Best Large Capacity Wine Refrigerators

The best large capacity wine refrigerator can be either built-in or freestanding and has a number of options to choose from. If you are considering a built-in unit, you should look for front vent and door hinges.

The best freestanding wine cooler is the large wine fridge. The Allavino 172-bottle dual-zone fridge is front vent and can be ordered with either a right or left hinge, and claims to store more diverse sizes of bottles than any other wine refrigerator The metal shelving has ball bearings. The black cabinet and all black interior give it a cutting-edge look.

The Allavino is close to the Smith & Hanks 166 bottle model. A single-zone model is perfect for red or white enthusiasts and can be used as a freestanding plug-and-play unit. It comes with a one-year warranty and a limited three-year warranty, which is unusual with these products.

One of the best large wine coolers on the market is built-in. There is a side-by-side wine cellar. Digitally controlled between 41 and 65, the tinted glass doors, LED lighting, rubber bushing noise reduction, auto defrost, security lock, and wood-trimmed wire shelving give this French door looking pair of chillers an impressive list of top features.

Wine Coolers For Oversized Bottles and Unusual Shapes

If you’re thinking big in relation to the bottle size, there’s a fridge. California reds, Champagnes, and even 1.5 liter magnums can be found in the Wine Enthusiast Cellar. A top row presentation shelf in the fridge shows off the labels without the door being opened. 40 to 66 storage is offered by the digital controls.

Are you looking for something smaller? If you want a small space wine fridge, consider the Dometic or Igloo.

For a small space? Edgestar’s got your back with a super narrow, 7-bottle slim fit built-in that will knock your socks off with itsStainless frame, handle, tinted UV resistant glass, digital control panel, blue LED lighting, high-efficiency operation, front vent, and temperature control between 40

California Energy Commission Approved Wine Refrigerators

If you’re shipping to the Golden State, you need one of the wine refrigerators approved by the California Energy Commission. There is a place to buy a California wine cooler. The New Air models are wine fridges.

New Air has a full line of designs that range from small countertop units to large freestanding models and superstars built-ins. The Streamline 21-bottle dual-zone thermoelectric model has a temperature range of 44 to 66 F and a door-mounted digital display. The New Air Premier Gold 160-bottle dual-zone has gold lighting with a dimming option and smooth glide wood shelving. New Air has built-in options such as a 46-bottle model with dual-zone cooling, wood shelving, and blue lighting.

Frigidaire makes an approved line of wine fridges, which include a 38bottle, two-zone cooler with wooden shelving, 41 to 54 F white storage and 55 to 64 F red storage.

The California wine refrigerator regulations are uncertain. The energy commission website has the latest efficiency standards. If you’re a California resident, make sure to check with your supplier to see if the fridge you’re buying is compliant or not.

Outdoor Wine Refrigerators

If you live in California, for example, you would probably want to put some of your wine collection close to your outdoor kitchen. You will want an outdoor wine cooler.

The model is designed as a built-in, with front vent and swing door, 41 to 72 temperature selection, and Bio-Blue lighting that reduces problematicbacteria and mold. It is the perfect outdoor wine fridge.

The best wine fridge for you depends on the design of your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area. You may have a wider range of wine cooler options if there is overhead cover. You have limited options if the wine fridge is going to be exposed to rain or a strong sun.

The Bottom Line When Buying A Wine Refrigerator

The best wine cooler does its job without a lot of fussing and fretting, keeping wine cool, stable, away from heat, light and any disruption of their aging nap. The models presented here all have favorable reviews.

Pick the winner after you decide on the size, placement, and cooling type. How do you do it? Pick your favorites and then calculate the price per bottle. Divide the price of the fridge by the number of bottles in it to find out which is the best choice for your collection.

Do you have a lot of bottles? Are you planning to buy wine? We have you covered. You can read about our favorite wine cellar cooling units and the best wood wineracks.

We want you to get the most out of your wine by storing it in the correct environment.

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