The Best Movies of Robert De Niro (Robert De Niro)

Robert De Niro doesn’t like to watch his own movies.

Robert De Niro has become synonymous with the highest tiers of acting talent over the last fifty years.

De Niro is one of the most successful actors of his generation, thanks to his long association with Martin Scorsese in films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and many others. He has received multiple awards yify download, including two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. He received a Presidential medal of freedom from Barack Obama.

De Niro was a child when he was fascinated by cinema because he was shy. He dropped out of school at 16 to pursue acting. He said, “If these actors are making a living at it, and they’re not really that good, I can’t do any worse than them.”

We remember the best performances of the actor on his 78th birthday as a tribute to one of the most talented actors of his time.

The 20 greatest Robert De Niro movies:

20. Angel Heart (Alan Parker – 1987)

Mickey Rourke is a private investigator hired by a man called Louis Cyphre to find someone, played by Robert De Niro. The ominous origins of Cyphre are revealed as the mystery is solved.

The director said that when he was on the set, they all felt strange. He became very paranoid. The performance of his character was mostly due to him. He thinks a lot.

He went through every single line and idea that he had from the point-of-view of the character before he said yes. It is very difficult to get inside the head of a character like Jake LaMotta. We knew when Bob was around. You would feel his presence. You would turn around and there he was if someone said, ‘Bob must be here.’

19 A Bronx Tale is a movie by Robert De Niro.

The film features the Oscar-winning actor as a father who does not want his son to join the organised crime world. The adaptation of A Bronx Tale was well received by critics who praised the actor’s directorial abilities.

De Niro admitted that he is unsure about taking up the challenge again. I don’t know if I will ever direct another movie. I would be happy if I did five in my life. I might not do three more. The actor said that he doesn’t know if he will do another movie.

18. This Boy’s Life (Michael Caton-Jones – 1993)

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio collaborated on the film This Boy’s Life, which stars De Niro as a man who subjects a young boy to intense psychological and physical torture. The film was based on the events recorded in Wolff’s memoir.

Some people will think my character is crazy. If you read the book by Wolff, you will see that he did some extreme things. I don’t know if I would call him apsychotic.

I have to draw from my own experiences as an actor. These aren’t things I’ve experienced, but I can understand at some level I try to make them look like an actor. The stepson played by Leonardo DiCaprio is smarter than the man.

17. Awakenings (Penny Marshall – 1990)

Robin Williams plays a neurologist who is trying to figure out how to treat catatonic survivors of encephalitis lethargica in a performance that is one of his best. De Niro plays a patient who wakes up to find that they are in a new age.

The filmmaker said that he had friends who were against him going to the hospital. I asked, “What difference does it make?”, after I was depressed in a toy store. I am a depressed person. People said it was brave to do a drama. I didn’t think it was bravery. I figured I could say that it wasn’t my strength if it didn’t work.

16. 1900 (Bernardo Bertolucci – 1976)

The friendship between a farmer and a peasant is the subject of Bertolucci’s historical epic. Bertolucci launched an extensive investigation of the political framework of that time, looking at the effects of communist ideology and the rise of fascists.

Bertolucci said he couldn’t cut one frame in the movie. I saw that the movie could be cut. I arrived at an artistic work. We have a film that I want. What was deleted? My friends in Italy were not able to tell me. I didn’t remove any of the sequence. I cut film. The difference is in the rhythm. The strength is the same.

15. David O. Russell wrote the movie Silver Linings.

The film is about a troubled young woman who suffers from psychological disorders. She strikes up a strange relationship with Pat, a man with mental problems, played by Bradley Cooper. De Niro is brilliant as Pat Solitano, Sr., a Philadelphia Eagles fan who cares for his son. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting actor.

The director said that he thought De Niro was having hay fever after he cried for 10 minutes after reading the script.

14. Jackie Brown (Quentin Tarantino – 1997)

The film is based on the novel Rum Punch by Elmore Leonard and features a star-laden cast. De Niro plays a man who is an arms dealer and lives with his friend.

De Niro has a passive character. He is unconscious for most of the time, but still wakes up to smoke pot. He fails miserably when he is forced to be a part of the film’s main events.

De Niro is charming as Gara.

13. The Untouchables (Brian De Palma – 1987)

De Niro plays a character named Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s 1987 crime drama. He wore extra padding to look like the part.

Kevin Costner is playing a Federal Agent who hunted Capone and Sean Connery is playing a police officer who advocates questionable methods. De Niro captures the psychological nuances of one of the most famous mobsters.

Costner said that he had trouble with some of the scenes with De Niro because his character was straight-arrow. I was trying to survive with my straight-arrow language against someone who was throwing a level of street language at me that had a level of imagination to it.

There are 12. Once Upon A Time in America was written by Sergio Leone.

The four-hour film is about five decades of the lives of childhood friends who grow up to be mobsters. David “Noodles” Aaronson is a Jewish mobster who is well known during the Prohibition era with his friend Max. The director uses a non- linear narrative to subvert the conventional way of depicting gangster stories, focusing on the theme of regret instead.

The Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for Best Director went to Sergio Leone. He turned down the chance to direct The Godfather. He had almost ten hours of material but had to trim it down because of the distributors.

11. Cape Fear (Martin Scorsese – 1991)

The original was starred by RobertMitchum. De Niro doesn’t try to duplicate whatMitchum did. He makes the character of Max Cady his own, a convicted rapist who only has vengeance in his mind. The role brought De Niro an Academy Award nomination.

The quality of Cape Fear is more real to me than people on the stage, according to Martin Scorsese. The people on stage are real.

There are a few people in the theatre that make you forget that they are real. Dreams are more realistic to me.

10. The Irishman (Martin Scorsese – 2019)

One of the best performances of De Niro’s career can be seen in his latest film. The three-and-a-half-hour epic is a culmination of many of the ideas that the duo have explored over the years. He plays a low-level truck driver who becomes a hitman after crossing paths with Jimmy Hoffa, Al Capone and Russell Bufalino.

The actor said it was different. I would put it in the style of a movie called “Roma”. I saw a movie called Roma. That idea of a big project. The only thing that bothered anyone was that Netflix gave us what we needed. They were happy about it. You couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

9. Casino (Martin Scorsese – 1995)

Sam “Ace”Rothstein is a Jewish American mobster who was placed in charge of the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas by Martin “Scorsese” His character is based on a real person.

The city of Sin City destroys him and reveals his terrifying inner rage.

The sense of something grand that has been lost is what the film reflects on for the man. I don’t want you to agree with the morality of it, but there was a sense of an empire that had been lost, and it needed music that was worthy of that. The destruction of that city has to have the grandeur of the god being thrown out of heaven.

Those are all obvious biblical references. The music should make the viewer move. Even though you may not like the people, they are still human beings and it is a tragedy.

8. Mean Streets (Martin Scorsese – 1973)

This was the first time De Niro and Scorsese collaborated. The actor put up a great performance as Johnny Boy, a criminal who plays the joke. He was established as one of the leading stars of his generation.

The director said that Mean Streets was more about his father and him than he was, because he was always making sure he wasn’t going to get killed or beaten up.

He wondered how you balance that and live a life like that. I don’t know, my father didn’t go to church. He didn’t have to. This was what it was all about.

7. Heat (Michael Mann – 1995)

The film features a career criminal who leads a team of bank robbers and a detective who is asked to track them, but it also features a career criminal who leads a team of bank robbers and a detective who is asked to track them. The film shows how similar they are, struggling to find a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Mann said that De Niro is brilliantly analytical. The specifics are very important. All that detail is very expression of character and feeds something to him.

6. The Deer Hunter (Michael Cimino – 1978)

The impact of the film can’t be quantified.

The people of USA were still recovering from the disappointment of the Vietnam War and this epic about a group of returning veterans came at the perfect time. The film has been criticized for its portrayal of the Vietnam, but Robert De Niro is compelling as Mike, who goes to battle with his best friends and comes home to find all of their lives have been destroyed. He won an Academy Award for Best actor.

De Niro liked the story and the dialogue. I thought it was a great script. It was very simple and I felt like it was real. The characters spoke to me. I liked that they didn’t say much and that there wasn’t anything condescending or patronising towards them.

5. Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese – 1990)

Goodfellas is one of the most celebrated films of the director’s generation, and it is able to create a sense of family and camaraderie between criminals and low-lives. Jimmy Conway is portrayed by De Niro as a father. It is rare for De Niro to have chemistry with Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci.

The actor said that one of the hardest scenes was when he heard that Joe was dead. I tried my best. I might have wanted to go further than I did in it, not just expressing the anger but the emotional distraughtness. They were close to my character.

It takes a lot of effort and energy to do that. Both of those processes take a lot out of you, so either you are there or you are trying to get there.

There are 4. Martin Scorsese is known as The King of Comedy.

The King of Comedy is a cautionary tale about the pursuit of fame. De Niro plays a delusional comedian who practises his mediocre routines in his basement surrounded by cardboard cut-out of celebrities. The fetishisation of celebrity culture is brilliantly satirised by Scorsese.

The director said that he began to realize how serious his involvement was in The King of Comedy was. De Niro noticed the connection in the script. De Niro was aware of autograph people and the need to idolize celebrities. I stumbled my way through it back then, but now I understand. Being around Jerry Lewis helped.

He was an inspiration to me, and represented all aspects of American show business. The King of Comedy is about a certain aspect of our culture and not taking yourself too seriously. The film had all of that come out.

3. The second part of The Godfather was written by Francis Ford Coppola.

It was hard to imagine a sequel that would live up to the expectations of the original. The director followed the Best Picture-winning film with another.

De Niro is outstanding as the character of Vito Corleone, who is played by the great Marlon Brando in the original. De Niro makes the legendary character his own by carving out his own path. He won an Academy Award.

De Niro said that the movie Godfather was like a big blockbuster. Other movies followed. I said this might be a success when The Godfather: Part II came out, even though I might have been wrong.

2. Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese – 1976)

The character of Bickle is one of De Niro’s most famous roles.

The actor is terrifying and engaging in the exploration of masculinity and disillusioned aggression, a rebellion against the emptiness of the universe. One of the most famous scenes in cinema was when he stares into the mirror and asks, “Are you talking to me?”

The first line of dialogue was “Turn off the meter”, which De Niro pointed out to me, according to the man. He told me to turn off the meter when I said to do so. Make me turn it off.

I will not turn it off until you convince me that I should. I learned a lot. He encouraged me by not responding to me, but he acted with the back of his head. I was able to take off and talk because of the tension of the violence.

1. Raging Bull (Martin Scorsese – 1980)

De Niro’s performance as Jake LaMotta is the most powerful one of his career.

The actor brilliantly manages to internalise the tale and focus on the psychological conflicts even when he is being battered in the boxing ring. The Academy Award for Best actor went to De Niro.

The director said that the ring is a kind of madness and that the man had to go back through his mother’s womb to get some kind of sanity.

My picture is about the process, not boxing. The idea was that it could be a rebirth. It is about guilt, sin and trying to find some sort of salvation so that you can be at peace with yourself and not kill yourself or other people.

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