The American Army Star Wars Style Flying Bike

In the absence of an exact amount in Italian, let’s call it a flying bike: this is ultimately the hoverbike, an extra large quadcopter that is piloted like a two-wheeler. For several years now, the British company Malloy Aeronautics has been working on it, which is now much closer to fulfilling its dream thanks to an agreement with the US Department of Defense.

War applications and more. This is a considerable leap forward in the financial soundness of the project, considering that so far the company has led the development of its hoverbike by foraging with Kickstater and selling drones on a smaller scale.

The flying bike recalls the 74-Z speeder bike, in Italian speeder 74-Z, a vehicle present in the sci-fi saga of Star Wars. © Lucas Film

The flying motion is designed to replace small helicopters by a person in many circumstances, and the interest of the American army is explained with several reasons: it is smaller and cheaper, has lower maintenance costs, is easier to drive, allows to move in small spaces and to reach with

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Not to mention that it can be easily dismantled and transported (and then sent to war scenarios on the other side of the world) and that it is much safer: rotors are protected by a frame that avoids causing damage if you come into contact with objects or human beings The hoverbike, which can also be remotely controlled without pilot, is therefore suitable for transporting troops, equipment and supplies, as well as as as surveillance platform and rescue and rescue aircraft during emergencies.

The small scale flying bike. © Malloy Aeronautics

The secret is in design. The first prototype of hoverbike, built by the founder Chris Malloy in a garage in New Zealand, was based on two horizontal propellers. An elegant but expensive and complex solution to be realized with the technologies available today, which led to the current design (as can be seen in the video in English below): a double pair of partially overlapping rotors, which allow to reduce the total weight and surface to

The current prototype, named P2, is already able to lift a 100-pound person, but for now the tests are taking place without a human pilot, in drone mode, for reasons of safety and legal limitations. Meanwhile, Malloy Aeronautics is continuing to work on its hoverbike to bring it to the market, beyond its next military destination.

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