The 3D Printer That Builds Home

The one made by Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California is probably the world’s largest 3D printer: so big that you can print a house.You understand: the machine made by But instead of plastic and synthetic resins its nozzles spray cement that is fished by a large concrete mixer-tank.The technology was named Contour Crafting and could revolutionize the construction industry: according to Khoshnevis this machine, in sun Once the walls have been completed, the human workers would remain finished: from flooring, electrical and sanitary installations, from windows to heating.Despite the XXL measurements, the printer of houses could be transported and put into operation by a team of two. Not only that: in case of natural disasters the machine could be easily transported to disaster sites and used for the rapid construction of emergency shelters.But will the printed houses be resistant? According to Khoshnevis and his team of engineers, houses built in this way are much more robust than traditional ones: the walls ‘printed’ by Contour Crafting are in fact formed by two concrete profiles that are then filled with other • This technology is like a rock in balance at the top of the mountain • explains the professor • just a push to cause

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