Silence, Your Smartphone Listens To You (But It’S A Hoax)

No, your phone won’t listen to you and tell anyone your secrets are more confidential. It is the conclusion of a recent research that should finally send one of the most widespread conspiracy theories to the attic.

The publicity that follows you. The study starts from the feeling, complained by many users especially on social networks, to see on their smartphone advertising banners related to products or services never searched online but about which we talked with friends and acquaintances.

The research was carried out in the laboratories of Wandera, a British company specializing in computer security.

Researchers have installed some of the most popular apps, including Facebook, Chrome and Amazon, on different Android and iOS phones by accepting all permissions to access the microphone, GPS, address book etc.

These phones were left for 30 minutes in a room where radio spots of dog and cat food were broadcast in sequence.

An identical set of smartphones, with the same settings, was left for the same time in a perfectly quiet room.

At the end of the smartphone test of both groups, no thematic insertion was detected, such as an advertisement of crispy, to say…

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