Shopify Vs Bottomline Technologies (de) – Which Is the Better Stock?

Both Bottomline Technologies and Shopify are computer and technology companies, but which is the superior stock? We will compare the two companies based on their risk, institutional ownership, valuation, profitability, dividends, earnings and analyst recommendations.

Insider and Institutional Ownership

Institutional investors own 60.3% of the shares of the company. 91.1% of Bottomline Technologies (de) shares are owned by institutional investors. The shares are owned by insiders. Hedge funds, large money managers and endowments believe that a stock will perform better over the long term.

Valuation & Earnings

The table shows the revenue, earnings per share and valuation of both companies.

Net Income Earnings Per Share Price/Earnings Ratio is a measure of the profitability of a business.

Revenue and earnings for Bottomline Technologies are higher than for Shopify. The price-to-earnings ratio of Bottomline Technologies is lower than that ofshopify, which indicates that it is more affordable.

Analyst Ratings

This is a summary of the current ratings and target prices for Bottomline Technologies.

Buy Ratings Strong Buy Ratings Score Bottomline Technologies (de) 1 7 0 1.88

There is a consensus price target of $1,501.96 for Shopify. There is a potential downside of 4% with the Bottomline Technologies (de) price target. The analysts believe that Bottomline Technologies is more favorable than Shopify.


The table compares the net margins, return on equity and return on assets of both companies.

Net Margins Return on Equity Return on Assets is 81.00%.

Risk and Volatility

The share price of Shopify is 42% more volatile than the S&P 500. The share price of Bottomline Technologies is more volatile than the S&P 500.


The two stocks were compared on 14 factors and the winner wasshopify.

Shopify Company Profile

The platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Merchants use its software to run their business across all sales channels, including web, tablet and mobile storefronts, social media storefronts, and brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops designer clothes. Merchants can use the firm’s platform to manage products and inventory, process orders and payments, build customer relationships and leverage analytic and reporting. Merchant and subscription solutions are the focus. The company was founded by three men in 2004, and is located in Canada.

Bottomline Technologies (de) Company Profile

Bottomline Technologies facilitates electronic payments and transaction settlement. It operates through several segments. The Cloud Solutions segment provides customers with technology that facilitates electronic payment, electronic invoicing, and spend management. The Banking Solutions segment has solutions that are specifically designed for banking and financial institution customers. The Payments and Transactional Documents segment provides a range of financial business process management solutions, including making and collecting payments, sending and receiving invoices, and generating and storing business documents. The healthcare and cyber fraud solutions are part of the Other segment. The company was founded in 1989 by Daniel M. McGurl and James L. Loomis.

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