Sheep View: Faroe Islands Seen From A Sheep

Are you tired of surfing the usual sites? Try sailing in time. You can do this thanks to, a website that, thanks to Google Street View technology and the contribution of thousands of users, allows you to see our cities as they are today, but also as they were in the past. Historypin allows you to superimpose the images of Street View old photos of those same places, with interesting and surprising results.

The site, from which are taken the images we present in this photogallery, can be explored by moving on the map or on a timeline. is a realization of We Are What We Do, a British movement born in 2004 that aims to raise public awareness on social, environmental and ethical issues. In the idea of its authors Historypin, merging memories of the past with the most modern technologies will foster dialogue between generations.

In this picture, a tram runs on Spring Street, Los Angeles, 1955

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