Lex Van Dam – The New York Times Bestseller

In 2009, a three-part series called “Million Dollar Traders” was broadcasted by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Theturtle trader by Richard Dennis was the inspiration for the series.

The experiment was financed by using the equivalent of $1 million of his own money as trading capital for novices to trade with over the course of eight weeks.

The claims that novices could become professional-level traders, making small profits or at least lower losses, were upheld by those who applied for the experiment. The filming professionals lost four times more money. The famous turtle trader views trading as a knowledge based skill which can be successfully taught to motivated people from a variety of background.

In order to expand on the trading techniques featured in the television series, a companion book was released.

What was the reason for Lex van Dam to do this experiment?

The public should take a greater control of their finances funding for traders in the wake of the financial crisis. There is nothing special or magical about money managers, that is what he wants to expose. You can also be the master of your investments. A successful person can help other people by sharing their knowledge. Giving with strings attached is a form of wealth consolidation.

The Lex van Dam Trading Academy aims to teach people how to trade and invest in the stock market.

The companion book How to Make Money Trading was released in order to expand on the trading techniques featured in the television show.

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