How to Make Him Want You BADLY and Make Him Crave You ASAP!

You can learn how to make a man want you bad. It can be difficult to learn how to make him want you back, but once you know how to make him crazy about you, it can be a lot easier. 6 secrets for making him want you and only you and stop him from pulling away.

1. Focus on Yourself

What do I mean by that? Most women that come to me are focused on other things. They learn that it is not safe to focus on themselves and that they should be gaining the approval, respect, and admiration of the other person. They will give their opinions to other people.

They will always be outgoing. If they are going on a date, they will be the one asking all the questions and doing things that have outgoing energy instead of feeling what it is like to come back to them. What is it like to be invested in by a man? What is it like for a man to be interested in you? You may have men who are interested in talking about themselves than you are. Focus on yourself to drive a man crazy.

2. Lean Into Tension

Many women are afraid of confrontation and don’t want to stand up for themselves. Because they think when tension occurs, they are going to withdraw or even worse, that the other person is going to become aggressive and potentially even become abusive, especially if that is what they have experienced in their previous relationship.

Lean into the tension is important. When you disagree with someone, lean in. You don’t want to laugh and act like you were joking, that it was just a joke and you didn’t mean it, that’s what you don’t want to do You are going into denial if you don’t stand for yourself. You are not advocating for your needs if you do that. Lean into the tension.

3. Surprise Yourself

Antia, what does that mean? I came to the States sixteen years ago to surprise myself. I put myself in uncomfortable situations to achieve that. SaraBlakely is the youngest female billionaire on the planet. She always surprises herself all the time. She will go into the elevator and sing. It feels very uncomfortable when you can’t get out of an elevator. I am a big fan of Impractical Jokers and my husband is too. They put themselves in situations where they need to improve.

Why do you want to do this? You want to change your habits. There is a part in your brain that tries to predict the future. He will be making assumptions if you use the same ways to engage with him. When you engage in the same patterns, you use the same language, example how to get a man to give you moneys, and so on. You are not being organic because you are becoming robotic.

When you become more robotic, you will be less connected. You already feel like it’s a rehearsal, you do the same thing over and over again, no matter what. It is not charisma building. What can you do to shock yourself? What can you do? Where can you raise your hand if you don’t know what to do? Where do you put yourself when SarahBlakely puts herself in all of the time?

4. Have Your Own Goals

You may have heard it before. If you want to create a healthy relationship, he has his world, and then you have your world together, but keep your separate identities. You should have your own goals. Women come to me with a conflict inside of them. Some want to have a relationship. The other part is not. They need to have independence but also have a connection to harmonize and bring them together.

One way to create space is to have your own goals. If you don’t want to be a part of their world and have nothing else to do, you have nothing else. When you don’t have anything of your own to bring to the table, the relationship can never grow and it doesn’t stay interesting. It brings tension to your relationship when you have your own goals. There is a curiosity that comes from not knowing everything. You explore each other over and over again, and it’s very exciting.

5. Embrace Your Uniqueness

I used to jump up and down when I walked into his office when I was dating him. I would leave the room and return to my office next door. That is part of my identity. I dance with fish. If you want us to do a little TikTok blog, raise your hand, we sometimes think we should film all of this.

It hasn’t always been like this for me. I would feel embarrassed when I was still with someone. I was afraid that if he found out about my quirks, he would think I was weird or a freak and I would lose him. You should fly your freak flag. It is going to raise your charisma quotient, but it is also going to be magnetic, and you will feel self-expressed. The men that are right for you will be able to find you.

I was at a conference a couple of years ago and I was bored because everyone was saying the same thing, we talked about the part in your brain that can predict everything. I took the mic and said, “Wake up!” I surprised myself by yelling it into the microphone and I was also flying my freak flag. I had to do something at the time because some people weren’t into it but some thought it was great. My husband loves interacting with me in unique ways and he bounces off that all the time. Imagine if your guy was inspired to express his own quirkiness because he was loving it.

6. Be Mysterious & Tease

Managing the art of tension goes back a bit. There is a different tension here. When a man asks you a question that you don’t always have to answer with a sentence, you can answer with another question. You don’t have to answer exactly what he said, but you don’t have to say everything.

How was your week? You could just say that work was great, but again, that is going back into those patterns. Instead, you might say, “Hey, I really would love a piece of chocolate right now” He is present with you because you sent his brain on vacation. You are keeping him on his toes because he doesn’t know what to do and he surprises himself too because he has to.

It doesn’t mean that you’re pretending to be someone else. You already have that part of yourself. You don’t need to speak in a sexy voice if you don’t speak in a sexy voice in the past. I am not talking about that. You don’t have to be pretzeled. Doing something a little different is what it is.

Ask yourself why you are asking that. If you are implying something is different from what you are saying on the surface, make him question what you are talking about. Sometimes my women send me pictures of text messages that their guy sent them, and it is so interesting because he is waiting to see if we are talking about coffee. Is it a flirtatious tension that they are creating? That is the way you want to think about a man.


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