Ha:Mo, Toyota’S Car Sharing Project

Doesn’t electric vehicles have much autonomy yet? So let’s use them for all small trips in the city, that is, the place where pollution is most felt. This is the idea of starting the Ha:mo project, which Toyota is experimenting in France, Grenoble, and Japan, both in Tokyo and Toyota City, which took its name from the car giant, which here has the

For this reason, Toyota has thought of small and handy cars, for one or two passengers: i-Roads and Coms, capable of traveling 50 kilometers with a… full of electricity, to take where you want and leave where you want

The idea is that, thanks to their widespread presence and ease of use, they can integrate the public transport network, allowing anyone to travel in the city without having to use their car: to go to a business appointment or to do the shopping, to reach the station or All conveniently and without emitting CO2.

Grenoble’s test. As I said, in Europe the Ha:mo project was tested in Grenoble, France. The experiment started 2 years ago, with 27 collection stations for a total of 70 vehicles. And the results are encouraging: after a first year useful to develop all the links in the chain, the data indicate that the use of the system is the one expected. Each rental takes an average of 45 minutes for an average distance of 5 km and 75% of users choose the option of “only gone” by taking the vehicle at one point and leaving it at another.

The spikes? During the week and at the classic times: morning, lunch time and late afternoon. As for the most exploited charging stations, the prevalence is by far for the two near the station, as would be desired the idea of alternative use to private cars. The trial will last until October 2017.

Ha:mo is a service designed to replace in the city the personal car, integrating with public transport.

WITH SMARTPHONE Each car can be booked with a smartphone app at any time. You can take it and leave it at any stopover.

CONVENIENT TRAVEL You pay only for actual use, without additional costs, neither for parking nor for electricity consumed.

SMALL AND MANAGEGEVOLE Cars are ultra compact: they move in traffic and even in narrowest city streets.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY The Ha:mo app always indicates the ideal combination between cars and public transport to reach your destination.

ECOLOGICAL Less waste of space and energy, no CO2 emissions: the i-Roads and Coms of the Ha:mo system are friends of the environment.

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