Global SIM Cards For Seafarers

Frequent travellers love their mobile phones because they help them to connect to their family anytime, anywhere.

When we asked a few of our seafarer friends what is the one thing they never forget when they leave for sailing, they all said mobile phones.

When all other equipment is giving us a tough time, a mobile phone is one equipment that helps to restore our sanity.

We can’t agree more!

The life on the ship is not as advertised. The majority of the life on the ship is boredom, monotony and a journey with the risk of life-threatening accidents.

Some ships have free wi-fi while others don’t. The crew on a ship will cut off from society and friends if they don’t have wi-fi or phone signal.

Seafarers have to go through the same faces and surroundings for a period of time. A number of companies with different value plans have developed a number of sim international data sim europe cards that can be used on ships with no internet access.

Seafarers use mobile sim cards. Do they buy a new sim card at each port or do they buy a global sim card?

There were a number of different answers. Some people prefer to buy mobile cards at the ports, where the calling rates are the lowest, while others prefer to buy sim cards at the ports, where the calling rates are more expensive.

Some seafarers take a Global sim card which will allow them to have the same phone number around the world, while others use international roaming on their local numbers. They mostly use the services to receive text messages and make urgent calls.

We decided to make a list of the most commonly used global sim cards, which will allow them to have the same number wherever they go.

It would be difficult to fit all of the international sim cards in this article. The list of cards used by Indian Seafarers or those that provide their services in India will be the first thing we do. This is not a paid article.

We have personally used a few of these cards, but we haven’t tried all of them. Some of our seafarer friends have complained of unimaginable bills, so please use at your own peril.

Seafarers use mobile sim cards.

International roaming sim cards top the order on the basis of quenching the need for communication during the voyage and on ports.

We have to keep roaming mode on when we travel from one country to the other, this is why we have to own these sim cards. Roaming charges on texts, calls and data are high when using an overseas network provider.

The internet services provided by these international sim cards are not cheap. The calling balance can disappear within a few seconds or minutes.

Different ports have different accessibility issues.

The seafarer has to travel a long way to purchase expensive local sim cards when the shops are not available in the vicinity. It takes a lot of paperwork and important documents to buy a sim card in a different country.

It is not possible for a seafarer to remain always on port because he has to board the ship. He has to serve many job orders because of that.

The development of a not only a number of sim cards but also sim cards which can be used as global sim cards by the seafarers is required.

12 SIM Cards For Globetrotters

The seafarer can connect to anyone in the world from the same number, no matter where he/she is. The seafarers are briefed on some commonly used sim cards.

1 In March of 2003 three UK was launched. THe service provider allows both telecommunication and data connection. It is able to provide both 3G and 4G services. The UK was the only place where the extent of these sims was limited.

The better version of sims was launched in 2009, with lower rates of calls, texts and data. More than 70 countries enjoy the services of the three UK sims.

Roaming charges will be incurred over call, data and text when used in countries other than these. It is not easy to penetrate your network in different countries because of different policies.

In 71 different countries, this is a great achievement. Go roam countries are from Europe and the US. The advancement allows unlimited net surfing or browsing without the fear of roaming charges.

Seafarers can establish their connection to the world outside the board with the iVitta. The general features of iVitta sim cards are listed.

  • Online transactions can make it easy to top up.
  • Many seafarer centers around the globe make these cards available to their users.
  • It provides hassle-free and quick sign up process.
  • Compatible in wrist watches along with cell phones.
  • It allows phone calls, texts and data usage at regular charges. There is no burden of roaming charges.

The communication issues that seafarers face are considered when crafting the iVitta Sim Cards. They are available at several seafarer centers around the world.

There are thirty countries which allow free incoming calls to the person with Reliance World Sim and ensure their connection to the people in about 160 countries around the globe. The general features of Reliance World Sim are listed.

  • Unbelievable low rates for SMS and calls
  • Connects more than two hundred countries.
  • There are no monthly contracts for high-speed data. You have to pay only for your usage with this sim card, so there are a lot of different plans available.
  • You can use a single number wherever you go, so you don’t have to return the phone at different locations after the voyage.
  • You can connect to your shipmates without paying for it.

The Reliance World Sim card offers international roaming in more than 160 countries with free incoming calls. You would pay more for roaming services if you activated them on your own number.

Roaming services in 190 or more countries are at reasonable rates with the One SIM Card. One sim card has other important features.

  • The messaging facility is free of cost around the globe, but the network provider has a wide range of free incoming calling.
  • It is a single permanent card which can be used throughout the world.

One Sim Card offers affordable international sim card roaming in more than 190 countries. It offers free calls and text messages in more than 150 countries.

The international sim card provider named Matrix provides both pre- and postpaid cards. There are other features of these cards briefed.

  • The top-ups can be done anywhere.
  • The cards were sucked with exiting initial data package offers.

There is an international sim card provider. The travelling cards come with a data package and can be recharged online from anywhere in the world.

There is no hidden fee or processing fee for the world calling card of the company.

International roaming services are offered by the Airtel world calling card. There is no processing fee or additional deposits required.

It is an Intercontinental sim card provider that facilitates free incoming in 40 countries. There are other features of clay telecom cards.

  • It facilitates 24*7 customer support.
  • Data cards, pre-paid cards, and postpaid cards are offered.
  • There are great deals with these cards.
  • It provides same number facility round the globe.
  • The data cards have a great network speed.

It was the first Indian company to get a DoT license. Uniconnect International SIM cards have other features as well.

  • These are the first choice for regular travellers.
  • If you apply to the Simple forum, they will give you a local country sim card.
  • Least paperwork and no hidden cost.
  • The online top-up facility is also available.
  • Uniconnect can provide both pre- and postpaid phones.

Euro calling cards are recharged for a special plan in advance to serve the needs of seafarers.

The cost-effective global data sim card from BNE is 95 percent less expensive than other global cards. There is no roaming fee on these cards. Other features of these cards are listed below.

  • Around 170 small or big countries are using these today.
  • The other BNESIM user can enjoy free calling and texting.

There are several companies that offer international sim cards. Before buying an international sim card from any service provider, it is important to read the terms and conditions.

The service providers claim that Poginet is the best for seafarers. In Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Pacific it is advanced. Important features of Poginet cards make them a global choice.

  • A single card can be used at many places.
  • Excellent and easy to use.
  • There is reasonable data and calling packs.

Seafarers only can use the Planet Roam Seafarer Sim. There is a single number starting from +44 for these sims. Most of the countries allow free incoming calls and free intergroup calls. The rates are the same for all of them.

For a seafarer who lives far from his house for a long period of time, it’s important that he has access to the internet.

Telecommunications is the only way to appease the needs of the overseas relations of the seafarers. The only thing we need is a sim card. There are different types of cards available in the market.

Some of them are Poginet sim, BNE sim, Planet Roam seafarer sim, Clay sim, and many more.

Incoming calls and text messages are free for many of them. Different ports have different accessibility issues. It is necessary for one to change his sim from one port to another in order to get a local one.

With the advancement of technology, a single number can be used all over the world. The penetration of these cards from one country to another is commendable. The internet and calling facility makes the world of a seafarer more connected.

Over to you…

Which sim card do you use? Do you buy local sim cards at the ports or do you use one? Tell us in the comments.

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