Fly Back To The Mysterious X-37B Shuttle

In addition, the shuttle will release the FalconSat-8 satellite from the US Air Force Academy to conduct some experiments whose nature has not been detected while it is in orbit. The shuttle, officially called Orbital Test Vehicle, will be launched by Cape Canaveral.

But this time we will know something more, because there will also be scientific experiments on board NASA and other research bodies. • The new major mission will host more experiments than any previous Boeing X-37 flight, including two NASA experiments. The first will concern the behaviour of certain materials under conditions in space, while the second will study the effect of cosmic radiation on some seeds. A third experiment, wanted by the research laboratories of the U.S. Navy, will try to transform solar energy into a microwave radio frequency that will send to the Earth

– Secret technology. The X-37 programme began in 1999 and the first launch took place in 2010. To date, it has carried out five missions, in which the shuttle has remained in orbit terrestrial for 2,865 days, of which 780 days spent during a single flight, the last of the series, which ended in October last year.

After landing, the space-plane – just under 10 meters long – was surrounded by technicians, dressed in anti-contamination suits so as not to be intoxicated by poisonous

The Boeing X-37 in the Atlas ogive, the rocket used to orbit the space drone. For the return to the ground, Boeing X-37 lands on track, like the former space shuttle. © Usaf

“He’ll drive them crazy.” During some flights already carried out, the shuttle was detected by independent operators at relatively low altitudes, even less than 320 kilometres, thus at lower altitudes of the orbit of the International Space Station, which, according to military observers, would mean that techniques are being studied to put

In 2019 Heather Wilson, one of Barrett’s predecessors, said about Boeing X-37: Featured a charming shuttle, because when it’s very close to Earth you can make it vary your trajectory at will and opponents don According to the Air Force, Boeing X-37 could also in the near future engage in dialogue with future fifth-generation fighters, such as the F-22 and the F-35, giving them the ability to operate as never before.

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