Find A Job In 2025 (But Also Before)

The distribution of bottled water is not a novelty but precious liquid has become the oil of the 21st century. Water is not only for humans, but also for crops. A business that doesn’t mention decreasing.

Nanotechnology is about to marry medicine and make it possible to directly treat and intervene in subatomic particles to insert electrons, for example, into brain neurons. We will not see the ‘nanomedicine’ in action tomorrow, but it will certainly be ready for after tomorrow given the scientific progress.

Smartwatch interviews. Apple Watch, coming in in a few days, will revolutionize many of our daily habits, probably even those related to communication. In a few months, seeing someone who is in a job interview talking in the smartwatch by train or bus may not seem so strange anymore.

Snapchat. Are you ready to play the next job in 10 seconds? Born as a platform for sharing photos and short films, Snapchat is today one of the channels used by digital marketing to reach its target.

It does not seem so unlikely to assume its use as a channel for conveying job offers and collecting answers. A challenge, since you will have to convince the interlocutor of your skills in a handful of seconds.

References 2.0. Getting references is the crucial part of a selection process. Why not ask her by phone or email, not send her to… video? The recruiters could view them together with the candidate and thus make the process more effective and interactive.

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