How can you imagine a future where drones, besides delivering homemade cakes to some cutting-edge city, will replace mailmen in full? Or where the electric cars without drivers will scroll next to our old utility? In his Tumblr Signs of the Near Future (“signs from the near future”) designer Fernando Barbella has enjoyed reinventing road signs and signposts in the most popular places in the cities adapting them to the most futuristic – but

This is a fun and sometimes a bit disturbing scenario in which privacy is threatened by contact lenses too “social” and voyeur androids, and where instead of car sharing you can opt – at your own risk – for a taxi without On the back of this we read: “Be patient, do not honk. In return, robots will not react.”

Call the taxi, Google responds

Foto: © signsfromthenearfuture.tumblr.com

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