Deep Fake: How To Distinguish Them In A Blink Of An Eye

The World War. New York, October 30, 1938: CBS Mercury Theatre on the Air radio broadcast an adaptation of the War of the Worlds (War of the Worlds), from the novel of H. G. Wells of 1897 The screenplay, which describes an alien invasion, is being recited at present by a young Orson Welles, who is also director and producer of the program. A series of press releases and press releases are being transmitted that leave viewers increasingly alarmed. And the one that was born as a radio experiment ends up scaring millions of Americans (in the photo, Welles explains to reporters that he was not going to cause panic).

The episode is perhaps the most famous example of jokes mistaken for true history. But it is not the only one: in this gallery, some other historical jokes that have crossed the threshold of fiction for some time.

Foto: © Wikimedia Commons

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