Biolux® Germicidal Ultraviolet Air and Surface Irradiation

We have more than 50 years of experience in developing ultraviolet technology, so we know what you need in a germicidal UV air and surface irradiation system. The Biolux® is a germicidal ultraviolet exposure for air and surface disinfection.

Why do a lot of commercial and industrial applications use the Biolux?

UV air and surface irradiators are effective in high risk situations. STER-L-RAY® Ultraviolet Lamps are used to kill virtually all the organisms.

3 models are available with integrated features. Use in an occupied space with protective measures.

STER-L-RAY® Cold clavode Germicidal UV Lamps are designed for applications with frequent starting and stopping temperatures. Model WE10 is used in cold storage.

The models NO4G, NO4GS, NO6G, NO6GS are ideal for small inspection. These fixtures are ready to use right out of the box, and do not require set-up or installation.

Strip style fixtures are ideal for a more permanent set up. The units are ideal for conveyor belts, disinfection cabinets, or laboratory hoods because of their compact designs.

Which applications are utilized by the Biolux UV Air and Surface Irradiators?

All applications must be used with proper protection during treatment as the Biolux® uses a direct UV irradiation and disinfection method. Below are some sample applications.

Food and beverage includes food processing, dairy processing uv light sanitizer for phone, bakeries, food packaging plants, and conveyor belts.

Food Processing, Dairy Processing, Bakeries, Food Packaging Plants, and Conveyor Belts are some of the settings.

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical, electronic, and conveyor belts is done in laboratories, cleanrooms, and pathology labs.

The Biolux models from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation® are made in the USA of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and use germicidal ultraviolet lamps to purify air and surfaces. The optional accessories make the Biolux Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures flexible for many applications.

You can find more information on the Biolux® Germicidal Ultraviolet Fixtures, as well as the owner’s manual, on our overview page.

Need help? Call our UV specialists on Monday to Friday at 7am to 6pm. has more company and product information.

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