Basketball: A Robot From Nba, But Only For The Pitches From The Bezel

Dream Team. A little stiff on his legs and arms, CUE had no difficulty in imposing itself on the best champions of Alvark, a Tokyo team that is active in the B-series championship. The basketball robot, which uses an artificial intelligence system to improve itself Before the challenge with the Alvark professionals he was coached by his creators with over 200,000 pitches (180,000 more than those made by Shaquille O’Neal in his entire career) and today he is practically infallible.

Superspecialist. According to the flesh-in-bone samples it was measured with, CUE is not much from the point of view of athletic gesture and shooting technique, but it is extremely effective and regular. Like saying it’s bad, it’s bad to see, but it’s not wrong. Too bad he’s an extreme specialist: that’s all he can do. I mean, as it is, before you see a robot playing in defense and fighting against real players, it’s going to be over a few years.

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