Apple Releases Ios 7 For Iphone And Ipad

Home Screen – The new interface has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the entire screen. Fonts have also been redesigned to make the text even clearer on the Retina display. The Home Screen, in particular, presents to the appointment new icons \”flats” and a mobile background that moves slightly moving the phone. It also changes the look of the “dock” that hosts the main icons and changes color according to the chosen background.

Control Center – Just a simple touch at the base of the screen – from bottom to top – to access the Airplane Use, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Do Not Disturb, set the screen brightness, or put in Control Center also offers immediate access to some applications such as Watch, Camera, Calculator and Flashlight. And it’s activated even if the phone is blocked.

Notification Center – It is now available from the block screen to get a general overview of alerts by simply touching the screen, while the new Today feature offers a summary of important notifications of the day such as weather conditions, appointments, reminders

Multitasking – iOS 7 does more tasks at the same time. Users use their iPhone or iPad as they prefer, while iOS 7 records their preferences. If, for example, you use some applications more often and at a given time, you will find the content already updated. I mean, iOS 7 plays in advance!

AirDrop – It is the new window to share content with whom you prefer. You choose who and what and AirDrop will take care of everything else. Are you sure? Yes, transfers are encoded and content remains protected and private.

Camera and images – iOS 7 introduces a new shot mode called 1:1 for square photos that adds to the other options already present (video, photo and panorama). And to switch one to the other, just a “swipe,” that is a slight horizontal caress on the screen. Another very welcome novelty is the Moments function to organize the images by aggregateing them according to the places and at the time in which they were taken. Finding them becomes much easier.

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