Apple Presents Iphone 5C And Iphone 5S

The wait is over. After so many rumors, more or less right, here are the new iPhones. Apple has presented nothing else to stop taking the scene off the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Or perhaps because the various smartwatch, TV or any new product that should have revolutionized the market is not yet ready?

He was expected and arrived: the new iPhone “multicolor” to choose in blue, green, pink, yellow and white. Apple does not extend in technical depths because, in reality, there is no need. The features are those of the “old” iPhone 5 that retires: Retina 4 inch display, the A6 chip, the 8 Megapixel iSight front camera and the 1.2 MP front FaceTime camera, as well as L connectivity

The real novelty, in addition to a touch of color, is the polycarbonate body that is accompanied by a nice cover “bucherellata” in various colors (to buy apart from 29 dollars). On board is, of course, the new iOS 7 presented last June.

The price? Apple Italia has not yet unbalanced and we have to settle for those for the United States: $99 for the 16 GB version and $ 199 for the 32 version (matched with a 2-year contract with an operator). An iPhone that winks at anyone who wants an Apple jewel but at a slightly lower cost. Apple tries to win over the “undecisive” who could take sides with one of the many mid-range Android models.

If Apple’s iPhone 5C, as expected, focuses on color and price, for the iPhone 5S it goes into the technical details to highlight all the power released by its new “admiral” that,

The iPhone 5S is presented with the new processor A7 – five times faster than the iPhone 5 – and supported by the chip M7 “motion co-processor” in charge of detecting the movement for applications more precisely The iPhone 5S is the first 64-bit chip smartphone that, quietly, also supports old 32-bit applications. The graphics sector has also been enhanced thanks to OpenGL”S 3.0 technology, already present on Google’s Nexus 7.

New also on the camera side: it does not increase the number of pixels but their size to capture photos and videos of superior quality. The flash now has two led lights and also the image stabilizer appears. The iPhone 5S is able to take 10 photos per second, shoot videos in HD at 720p at the speed of 120 FPS (frame per second).

But the “strong plate” of the evening is dedicated to security. Yes, the indiscretions on the iPhone 5S proved to be correct: there is the Touch ID, i.e. a fingerprint reader that largely replaces the need to type passwords. In short, just a finger on the Home button to unlock the iPhone or to buy on the iTunes Store. Touch ID recognizes a 360 degree print, more than a “pump” and the sending of information is encrypted.

How much is this jewel? Here too we must be satisfied, for the time being, with prices for the United States: 199$ (16GB), 299$ (32GB), 399$ (64GB), with a two-year contract.

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