7 Small And Big Things, But Always Original, That Can Be Done With An Aircraft In Disuse.

It is estimated that at least the removals will be made by 2020. To which, according to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, at least another 2-3,000 should be added, literally abandoned in various countries of the world (especially in developing countries). What do we do with all these giants in the sky? If some pieces, especially engine components, can be used on other aircraft, for scrap some people have found very creative solutions.The MotoArt has made the recycling of aircraft pieces a millionaire business turning them into furniture: tables, beliefs While the “carts” that stewardess and steward use to bring the drinks are the strong part of a German company, which restores them and sells them as precious home accessories.Unlike the aluminium used for cans, completely The Ecoverings has succeeded, however, turning it into bio-luminum that can be used for tiling floors and for the bathroom (to be cleaned with a metal cleaner). Each tile is easily cut and can be applied with a silicone layer.The aircraft material is also suitable for navigation. Of course, the shape of the, a passenger ship operating in the waters of Florida (Usa), created by recycling the Boeing B-307 by Howard Hughes, is curious.Malibu Ladi in California by David Hertz (video in In Stockholm they did the same with a Boeing 747, the Jumbo Stays. The difference is in the landscape and prices: the Stockholm Jumbo Hotel is in fact a hostel for low budget travellers.The most ecological use of aircraft scraps is what the Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia has done: Certainly for a proper library it would take at least 200, according to the architects of Lot-Ek who presented the project to. “The fuselage – it is said on their project – is the only part of an aircraft that cannot actually be recycled. The cost of its demolition is higher than the resale profit of aluminium. Thus, a huge amount of fuselage lay discarded in the deserts of Western states. Boeing 727 and 737 are historically the most sold commercial aircraft and therefore the most common in these “cimetieri.” And they are sold at very low prices, completely empty but in excellent structural conditions.” So far, it’s just an idea, as is the Sky Tram project to turn old planes into disused into futuristic… flying. In this case the destination of use changes very little.

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